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Smart House London is a leading smart home and home automation installation company. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we are proud to offer our clients with the most reliable and effective smart home and home automation services in London and surrounding areas.

What We Do

We are London’s premier smart home and home automation company. We offer a variety of smart house products and tailored installation processes that each client can enjoy according to their respective needs and preferences. Our technicians will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure that your desired outcome is achieved without any hassle whatsoever!

As our customer, we want to not only enhance the way you live, but make the transformation process as seamless as possible. We offer installation services for all smart home products in order for you to:

  • Make your life easier and more efficient with smart house technology
  • Reduce costs in regards to energy usage and bills
  • Enjoy the benefits of convenience of remote control on every level
  • Have peace of mind with security systems

What We Offer

We specialise in a range of home automation systems installation, all specifically designed to enhance the way in which you live. We understand that every home is unique, which is why we offer bespoke smart home solutions in London tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle. From smart lighting, smart heating, smart security control, smart lock, home cinema or home theatre, to full house automation, we ensure that our selection of the state-of-the-art home automation technology is designed to make your home one of both style and pleasure. We pride ourselves on our home automation installation services that provide each and every one of our clients with only the best services available on the market. With us, you will experience not only the benefits from the cutting-edge technology, but also excellent customer care with real-time communication and zero tolerance for error throughout the entire installation process.

Home Automation

Home automation is the future of living. Imagine coming home from work and having everything ready for you without any effort at all. Your house will be warm and welcoming when you get there. Our system will help you live smarter by making life easier and more comfortable for you. It’s like having an extra set of hands around the house without ever lifting a finger yourself!

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is the future of home lighting, and we’ve got them right here for you. They can be controlled from your phone or voice assistant, so you never have to worry about getting up off the couch again. And they can also change colours based on what mood you want to set! How cool is that?

Smart Heating

Smart heating is the future of home comfort. They work by automatically adjusting the temperature of your home so you don’t have to worry about turning on or off any appliances yourself. We use AI technology to learn your habits, preferences, and schedule so that your home always stays at just the right temperature for you. And it does all this while saving energy too!

Smart Security

Smart home security is the future of home protection. They’re more than just a camera and an alarm, they’re a complete solution for any homeowner looking to keep their family and property safe. You can even customise your system to suit your needs – from motion detectors to flood sensors, we have all the features you need in one place.

Smart Lock

Smart locks are the future of home security. They’re easy to install and use, so you can get back to living your life without worrying about keys or codes. You can even share access with friends and family members – no more lost keys! If you need a little extra protection, we have an optional alarm system that will ring when someone tries to break in.

Home Cinema

Home cinema is the future of home entertainment. The film industry is changing and so are the ways we watch movies at home. We provide high-quality products and services, including consultation, design, layout drawings, project management and more. We work with a variety of brands to provide the best experience possible when it comes to designing your ideal entertainment space at home.

Home Automation Installation Process

We provide you with a vast range of home automation services, all of which are  designed to benefit your home in a multitude of ways. From smart home security systems, to intelligent heating, we have the product best suited to meet your needs.
Our process is designed to make your installation experience as smooth and pleasant as possible.

  • First contact
    Visit on-site – After we meet, we will discuss any idea you may have about the project, talk about your budget as well as the time the job will take. Relying on our technical knowledge and experience, we will be able to give you a few ideas on how you could make life easier, fun and convenient with the home automation technology. We will visit each and every room in your home together with you, trying to figure out what needs to be done in each room.

    Equipment specification – We utilise our best equipment available to us and that is within your budget. We will then put together a product portfolio, together with a detailed quotation and full specifications for you to approve.
  • Design
    Full system design – After paying the deposit, we will then overlay all the equipment positions onto your architectural plans, which will enable us to produce all the required designs for cabinetry

    Cable schematics – the wiring schematics on your architectural plan are drawn, where for every cable that needs to be run, we produce a cable schedule. All this is done by a professional electrician who is brought to the site to deal with all the wiring tasks.
  • Project management
    On-site meetings – we will have a highly experienced and competent project manager who will coordinate every aspect of the project. He/she will supervise all the professionals on the site. The manager will keep you informed on the project’s progress throughout and will be able to resolve any issues that may come up.
  • Installation
    Wiring – All the wiring done on your property is either done by our skilled electrician or your own – and that’s after some thorough discussions on the matter. As for the materials to be used, they are pre-configured and tested before they are brought to the site.

    Cable installation – once we are done with plastering, we will terminate all the cables and then attach all the required connectors as we plan for the equipment installation.

    Equipment installation – all the equipment is installed by non-other than our experienced and highly trained specialist engineers.
  • Configuration
    We program each and every equipment off-site and are tested on the site. We then set-up everything by use of professional apparatus, which enables us to guarantee the best possible performance and reliability. After that, we will take you through the entire system, room by room, showing you how everything works, and also showing you the original functionality of the system. As we want everything to be perfect, we will let you enjoy the system for a few weeks and we will then come back to inspect everything and also see if there is anything that needs changing or adjusting based on your preferences.
  • Continuous support
    We will give you an easy-to-understand manual which details how everything works as well as the service contract and warranties details. We offer various service contract levels, with varying response times when it comes to the critical systems, like lighting, as well as non-critical systems, like home entertainment. And as a part of our continuous support, we will leave you to enjoy everything but will for sure be visiting to inspect the whole systems.

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