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Switching to home automation isn’t just so that you can make life easier for yourself. It is also to save on utility bills and to save on energy. This is why many homes that are going green, is working with home automation devices.

But, how can automation assist with saving money in utility bills and saving on the amount of energy that it is using? Is this just an advertisement lie, or is this really the truth? These are things that you need to know about why automation is essential for energy efficiency.

You can switch off your lights from your phone if you forgot.

Before we go out at night, we normally leave a light on in our homes or apartments. This is to make sure that we don’t arrive at home in the dark. However, this can mean that the light is going to burn throughout the day if you are working late.

But with the home automation, you can use your phone to switch on the lights (smart lights) when it is getting dark. Or, when you are on your way home. Saving on the energy that you are using with the light that is one, while no one is home. The same applies to smart home security systems, where electricity draw from each device is always optimised.

Most of the lights use LED bulbs. Making it more energy efficient

Most of the latest devices that are making use of lights are using the newest LED bulbs. These lights are saving on the amount of energy that it is using.

The older bulbs are using a lot more energy to light up a room. Meaning that it is costing a lot of money to keep the light going. With the newest devices, this will not happen because the LED lights are energy-saving lights that don’t use much energy to light up the room.

Most of the latest devices that are suitable for home automation runs on lower energy
There is always that device that is using more energy than other devices. Especially, when it comes to the older devices in your home.

​However, the good news is that the latest devices, the more modern devices are running on lower energy. Especially those devices that are running through the home automation services. Smart home theatre systems for example, don’t need as much energy to work as devices without automation features.

You can set a timer for electrical devices like your sprinklers and your aircon to just run a certain amount of hours

Think a moment about the devices that are currently running at home. Devices that aren’t really necessary, because you might not even be home. Wasting energy, right?

With the smart home installations, this is one thing that can change. You will be able to set times for all the devices that are automation equipped. Meaning that you can make sure that the aircon is only running when you are at home. And, that the sprinklers are only working for an hour or two during the day. Making sure that you are saving a lot of energy while you aren’t at home. This can go for so many devices that are running during the day, that isn’t necessary because you are at work.

Home automation is something that will not only make your life easier, but it will also let you save on the amount of energy that you are using. Meaning that you will be able to save on your utility bills each month, and you will have the comfort of using the devices in your home, through your phone. Making life so much easier. Many people think that this is going to cost a lot of money and will take up a lot more energy, but this isn’t actually the truth.

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