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Smart Lock

Gone are the days where your guests have to check in via a master lock box or no one is home for Amazon delivery. Keyless smart locks allow you to control your entrance from afar with fingerprint technology - perfect for Airbnb hosts and online shoppers!

Benefits Of Smart Lock

Imagine never having to worry about losing your keys again. Forget the hassle of not remembering where you put them, and just get in while inputting a secret code or scanning your thumbprint on an app! Smart locks are changing how people go through doors for good.

What’s more, smart locks eliminates the problems associated with managing access to your property. It also reduces key exchanges and unauthorised check-ins by alerting hosts on any attempts made to unlock doors from outside of airbnb properties. All this results in a seamless 24/7 self-checkin experience for travellers without disruptions. Early or late checkouts also become easier – all you have to do is share the code!

Another benefit of the smart locks is that they enhance security in your apartments. With a smart lock, the hosts are able to monitor and track each entry remotely. These locks are able to sense unexpected or unauthorised activity on the property, where it will then alert the hosts.


  • Roam free with the peace of mind that your home is secure
  • Get faster and easier access to your home
  • Instantly know who’s been in your house
  • Monitor intruders via live feed

Smart Lock Installation

With our smart lock, we can make your existing lock smarter. If you want to have the peace of mind knowing no one else can get into your home without authorisation, then upgrading to our smart lock is an easy way to take control over who enters. It also allows your visitors or any other authorised person such as emergency personnel access with just a click on their phone from anywhere in the world!

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