Smart House London

What was once considered the home of the future is here today. Smart homes have become reality and not just for the eccentric and wealthy. Through the use innovative technology, home owners are able to turn their homes into state-of-the-art devices that can be controlled and monitored from anywhere in the world.

Today’s smart homes can be monitored and controlled from any cell phone. Homeowners can send text messages from their cell phone to activate heating or turn on lights. Smart Homes equipped with cameras inside the house can send real time images directly to a cell phone.

No longer are families limited to just watching television. Smart homes integrate the latest computer technology to turn entrainment into an interactive experience. Families with ‘intelligent homes’ are able to watch movies, play video games and surf the internet all from the living room. The desktop PC and has become the media centre PC, with unlimited potential and integration into the life of the family. Media Center PC can even be used for video communication through VOIP technology. New streaming internet channels are coming online that will give viewers an unlimited variety of shows and games that cater to their specific tastes. Settings can even be personalised for different family members so children are not exposed to inappropriate material on the television or the Internet.

Smart home would also be security conscious and aware of its occupants’ well being, monitoring whether someone has a fall, and control temperature and light settings, depending on what is happening outside. Intelligent security devices can distinguish between family members and intruders. Inexpensive web cameras can be turned into security cameras, and monitored from any computer over the world wide web.

There are plenty of intelligent devices available for your home. As smart homes become increasingly common place home owners will benefit from more time and more enjoyable lifestyle. Smart home technology means controlling the homes environment in a way to suit and enhance want to live the way you.

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