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Generally the wireless dimmer switch is designed based on RF control technology, and the whole system consists of a remote and a receiver. The remote is designed with press buttons that perform different functions, for instance switching and brightness adjustment. It sends out radio frequency which varies depending on different countries’ and areas’ requirements, 434MHz or 868MHz are the most common ones, but 2.4GHz may also exist in the market. Accordingly, the receiver will receive the RF signal and convert it to and output PWM signal to control the connected LED lights. It is wireless between the remote and the receiver.

Wireless dimmer switch is quite convenient and easy to use with a control distance up to 20 meters between the remote and receiver. You can control flexibly. The RF signal is stable with high anti-interference if the frequency is 434MHz or 868MHz. If the frequency is 2.4GHz, it may be interfered by some other signals with the same frequency. Then how to choose the correct wireless dimmer system?

Firstly we have to figure out the type of lamp we use. AC or DC, constant voltage or constant current if DC? For example, if it is AC LED lamp, a receiver with AC input and output is required. If it is DC with constant voltage input, such as DC LED strip lights, you have to choose a corresponding receiver and an extra power supply for the receiver. So does the DC one with constant current input.

Secondly, once the controller is chosen correctly, we have to choose a signal sender, for example RF remote, the sender should have the function of switching and dimming. The RF remotes are available in various types including traditional wall switch, rotary knob and the emerging remote key control and full touch control. You can choose according to your preference.

Once all done and the wiring is ready, you can use the wireless dimmer switch to control your home lighting. Pairing is required before operation, but it is quite easy with a learning key on the receiver.

The wireless dimmer switch is powered by removable built-in lithium battery and consumes very little power, generally the battery can last for years, you do not have to replace it frequently. Since it is wireless, it is portable without restriction, you can control lighting of almost all areas of you house synchronously or separately with one remote in any areas since one remote can control multiple receivers. You can also put it into a fixed bracket on the wall. The switching and dimming are easy by buttons, which offer smooth and gradual brightness adjustment to protect human eyes. Your preferred brightness can be stored and memorised and the light will restore to the saved brightness when power on again.

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