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Home automation refers to seamless automation and control of lighting, door locks, ventilation, air conditioning and other home appliances. But a perfect home automation needs complete compatibility of devices and inter connection amongst themselves to be intelligently controlled, but this inter connectivity was hindered by phase couplers or the differences in phase wiring. To cater to such problems, a revolution in home automation is whole heartedly being welcomed by people. This is wireless home automation system.

Wireless home automation system is a setup in which all the home automation devices are connected through wireless connections like wi fi and bluetooth. The main advantages of wireless home automation system are that they forgo the clutter of tangled wires and they are really easy to install because, of course, there are lesser number of cables to be connected.

Through such wireless connection, it is easier for people to control the home appliances through a central control system. Also, this controlling of devices is possible through a mobile phone or a tablet. In this way you can stay away from home and keep a track of everything that happens inside your home. 
Let’s have a quick look over some appliances that can be controlled through wireless connection in a home automation setup. They are as follows:

1. Leak And Smoke Detection: Through wireless home automation system, it is possible for one to find if there is any gas leak or smoke from any source in the home, even when you are away.

2. Security: Household security system is one of the important things to be monitored even if you are not home. It has a camera fitted along with the doorbell so that one can get notification over their phones or tablets, notifying who tried to come to you, during any hour of the day.

3. Lighting Control System: Lighting being monitored by wireless home automation setup can help you save much electricity. There are sensors along with the lights that can sense if there is any person in the rooms and the lights are switched on automatically and get switched off accordingly.

4. Room Temperature: If the radiators, air conditioners or heaters are connected with the wireless home automation setup, it is possible to monitor the temperature of these devices over the internet. Plus, if one is there at home, there is no need to get up and set the desired temperature but the commands through the remote control installed in your phone takes all the actions.

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